Once on this Island 


November 22 from 2-6 PM



Who should audition?

Any child ages 7-18 who wishes to be considered for a principal role in Once on this Island must audition.  There are 12 principal roles in Once on this Island and two ensembles (ensembles are divided by ages 4-6 or 7 and up).  Auditions are NOT required for those who wish to take part in the ensemble — only those seeking a principal part must audition.  Auditions will be conducted by Valerie Remillard Myette in addition to Talent Factory staff.  We will be evaluating voice, musicality, stage presence, character type and dancing.  (PLEASE NOTE: A “principal role” is a main role that includes substantial line memorization, possible solo singing and dancing.  An ensemble role involves group coral singing – no solos– ensemble dancing and may or may not include one or two lines.)

How can get an audition appointment?

Please email Miss Valerie at missvalerietheater@gmail.com and provide the information below along with at least a one hour window of availability between the hours of 2pm – 6pm on November 22 when you would like your child to audition.  You will receive confirmation of your audition appointment within 7 days of your request.  Feel free to cut/paste and complete the following form in your email request:

  • Child’s full name:
  • Child’s age:
  • Parents name:
  • Phone number:
  • We wish to reserve an audition time on Nov 22.  We are available from __________________ (please provide a window of an hour or more).

What if my child doesn’t want to audition but still wants to participate?

Please email Miss Valerie at missvalerietheater@gmail.com and provide the information below.  You will receive a confirmation and registration details within 7-10 days.

  • Child’s full name:
  • Child’s age:
  • Parents name:
  • Phone number:
  • My child wishes to take part in the ensemble so I will NOT need an audition time.

What do I have to do at auditions?

We ask that your child come to auditions with a prepared song to be sung a cappella.  No back up recordings, please.  Your child will be asked to read a brief scene or monologue from Once on this Island (reading materials will be determined by the director at the time of the audition) and we may teach a brief dance combo.

When are performances?

Performances will take place on April 3-4.  Times are TBD.  PLEASE NOTE that this is Easter weekend but there will be no performances on Easter Sunday.

Can my 4-6 year old audition?

We welcome 4-6 year olds in the ensemble and auditions are not necessary for ensemble performers.  Auditions are only required for performers seeking principal roles and, in light of the amount of required reading, principal roles are best suited for children ages 7 and up.  But don’t worry, musical scripts often have extra lines that are unassigned to principal characters.  The most eager ensemble members may be offered a spoken line or two in the show.  This determination will be made by the director in rehearsals.

What if we can’t make the November 22 audition date?

We may NOT be able to accommodate another day of live auditions but video submissions may be possible in a pinch.  A live audition is the best way for the director to assess your abilities so, for best results, make every effort to attend a portion of the live auditions.  Keep in mind that each audition appointment will only be 20 minutes.  Please let us know if you are absolutely unavailable on November 22 but still interested in auditioning.

When do rehearsals begin?

Rehearsals will begin in January after the winter break.  Exact days and times are TBD.

What is the time commitment for ensemble/principal performers?

Principal actors will be called to rehearse twice per week beginning in January and up to three times on “tech week” — the week of the show.  Ensemble actors will be called to rehearse once per week beginning in January and up to twice during “tech week”.

Rehearsal days and times are yet to be determined and will be based upon the studio availability at Talent Factory and, as best as possible, on actor availability.

Where are the rehearsals being held?

All rehearsals will take place at the Talent Factory studios.  Tech week rehearsals and performances will take place at West Warwick High School.


See you at Auditions!