Games ages 4-6

My Bench

Required Materials: 2 chairs or a bench big enough for two people Number of people: Two people at a time Player number one sits down. Her objective or goal in this game is to have a quiet day. She imagines that she is seated on a bench, in a park, on a nice day. She …

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Bakin’ Biscuts

Required materials: None Number of players: Three at a time Characters: Baker Doctor Taster Three performers take the stage. Each is assigned a character to play. The instructor briefly goes over the flowing dialogue with them. (I’ve never had to hand out “scripts” in order to play this game. The dialogue is simple and easy …

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Talking to Young Actors about Emotion

  Number of participants: Unlimited Recommended ages: 4-7 Duration of lesson: 15-30 minutes (depending upon class size) Required materials: Magazines 3-6 pieces of poster paper Tape, wacky tacky or something to hang the poster paper Markers Kid scissors Glue stick(s) Step 1: Give each participant a pair of child/safety scissors and access to an assortment …

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