Story, Story, Die!

What could be more dramatic than a death scene?  In this game, students are challenged to create a story together under some very unique conditions.  The teacher or moderator chooses four storytellers from the class and decides on a story topic.  The story can be a familiar story or something completely original, fiction or non-fiction.  Sometimes it is helpful to start with a familiar story until the students get used to the game and then segue into something more unique.  The moderator begins the game by pointing to one of the four storytellers who begins telling the story.  The moderator then randomly switches the storyteller.  Each time the moderator points to a different storyteller, the new storyteller must pick up with the previous storyteller left off and continue the story.  If the new storyteller hesitates or is not paying attention and fails to pick up their cue, that storyteller leaves the game by performing a very dramatic death scene.  The story continues to its natural conclusion.

This game is great for encouraging creativity, imagination, collaboration and concentration.  It is also a great exercise for examining the properties of a good story.  Was there a beginning?  A middle? An end?  What was the conflict of the story?  Was it resolved?  If so, how?


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