Biomes 2Theater is a fun, hands-on language experience in which young people can also create, collaborate, learn and grow together. The Experiments in Theater program offers one-time workshops in addition to weekly classes that enable children of all ages to actively apply crucial 21st Century precepts in an alternative learning environment. In addition to the popular workshops and classes we offer, I am delighted to customize a theater activity that takes into account any unique needs and interests in your community.  


A actor’s job is to communicate the intentions and struggles of a character in a play by believably portraying human behavior.  This workshop immerses young actors in a variety of verbal and non-verbal acting exercises that will allow them to explore the relationship between successful communication and good acting.  Participants will learn and practice pantomime, experiment with tone, improvisation and storytelling. 


In Picture-book Theater, participants will read and act out a popular children’s story.  The workshop will begin with a reading of a popular picture book, participants will create a prop that relates to the story, and then each child will have a role in improvising and performing in a unique adaptation of the selected title. Participants will receive a copy of the book, and family and friends are welcome to observe the performance.


Theatre is a collaborative art form and collaboration is an important 21st Century precept.  This workshop will expose participants to a variety of theater exercises and activities that require team work, shared creativity, and group problem solving.  Participants will learn and practice the “Yes! And…” concept which requires individuals to embrace the contributions of their peers as they concurrently supplement ideas of their own. 

Workshop Descriptions

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